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1 day tour

A Paradise for Bird Watchers

Availability: May – August, on request, reservation required.
Departure: Akureyri, Húsavík, Mývatn.
Departure time: Flexible, after further agreement.
Tour duration: Approx. 8 hours.
Included: Fully guided tour and transportation.

Lake Mývatn is a paradise for birdwatchers. This center of duck-production of Europe is simply loaded with birds, including many Barrow’s Goldeneyes and Harlequin Ducks.  More species of ducks come here to raise their young than anywhere else in the world! List of birds might include 50-60 species, and most likely including Gyr Falcon.

Arriving to Mývatn area from Reykjadalur,* we will take a look at the lake Másvatn, where is good chance to see Great Northern Divers. We approach the river Laxá which comes from Mývatn. This uppermost part of the river is the prime habitat for Harlequin duck and Barrow´s Goldeneye in Iceland. And can possible show Goosander.

We start the circle arround Mývatn and make a stop at Álftavogur to search the flocks of ducks for scarcer visitors. Near Skútustaðir are small lakes in extensive wetlands, which give chance for see many species of ducks, including Long-tailed Duck and the occasional Common Pochard.

We keep on arround the lake and make few stops to view birds as well as nice and picturesque scenery. The woodland park at Höfði is great to have a walk, with views towards some unusual lava formation in the lake. Here are plenty of Common Redpoll, Redwing and Winter Wren, as well as ducks on the lake. From here to Reykjahlíð village, we will look for dabbling ducks including Gadwall and the scarce Northern Shoveler.

At Neslandavík are often large flocks of Tufted Duck, Greater Scaup and Eurasian Wigeon. Here is also good for Common Scoter. It is also likely to yield scarce vagrants such as American Wigeon, Common Pochard and Ring-necked Duck. Sigurgeir´s Bird Museum is conveniently located by this bay, in one of the best birdwatching spot by Mývatn.

The last main place is called Álar, nearly as rich in bird as Neslandavík and likely to reveal scarces species.

* The itinerary can be slightly different after departure location.
** This tour can also be organised with flight from Reykjavík.

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