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Bjorg is a traditional Icelandic farm, located by the sea at Skjalfandi Bay. The landscape is spectacular with 5km of vertical cliffs, up to appr. 250m high, extending towards the sea on one hand where, during wintertime, a very famous ice-climbing routes are located. On the other hand is the glacial-river Skjalfandafljot which has it´s origin in Vatnajokull Glacier.

At Bjorg, the speciality with regards to birding is the Eider nesting, on which we offer guided tours by a local, who is familiar with all bird species in Iceland. There are approximately 300 nesting Eiders on a small island on river Skjalfandafljot and occasionally one can see King Eider. Also on our property Northern Fulmar breeding pairs are encountered and in some places one can get very
close to the birds.

High numbers of Kittiwake also nests in the cliffs closer to the sea and the Arctic Tern is common on the banks of river Skjalfandafljot. In our area 50-60 different bird species have been seen. We have a conservation program ongoing to recover the wetland and increase habitancy of ducks and waders.

We are part of the Icelandic Farm Holidays and offer rooms with shared bathrooms and serve breakfast and other meals.

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